Kepler’s Top Ten - 2009

1. Starry Night Program - Fantastic Astronomy software. Both High School and Middle School editions have great tutorials and a large notebook of activities.

2. Canadian Space Agency - (Free) Their applets are Fantastic! _Astro9/index.html

3. 3-D Solar System Simulator - (Free)

4. Earth ball ($15) - 16” inflatable earth/Very realistic

5. Cosmic Voyage DVD - Fantastic Imax production, helps students grasp the size of the universe. Narrated by Morgan Freeman Check web for lowest price. ($8-$15)

6. NASA Chandra x-ray Center -

Great teacher resources including the poster “Stellar Evolution”. Easiest link to poster is:

7. Star date - Over 10,000 radio shows since 1978 and still going strong. Download old shows and stay current on upcoming shows and astronomy events. McDonald Observatory, Texas.

8. Ultraviolet beads - A fun way to demonstrate the existence of UV Radiation. One of several sources: 240 beads for $7/ 3000 beads for $60.

9. Doppler Shifting Song - (Free download) It’s Greaaaaaaaaaaat!

10. Johannes Kepler Project - Classroom presentations by Johannes Kepler.  Great list of resources.