Music Video Contest

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        Winners are listed below.




"Shoulders of Giants"  (Lyrics & Music) can be downloaded from THE CHROMATICS WEBSITE:


         Music Video Winners

       Middle School (Pending certification)

1st   - 8th Grade Physical Science Class
          Holy Family Catholic School
          Teacher - Yanny Salom
2nd  -  6th Grade Group Project
            Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe School
            Students:  T.B, J.R. & J.W.            
            Teacher - Linda Tennis

          High School- (Pending certification)

1st -  Physics Student - R.S.
         Niles West High School   Skokie, IL
         Teacher - Richard De Coster
2nd   Physics Students:  R.O. & A.P.
         Niles West High School   Skokie, IL
         Teacher - Richard De Coster
3rd    Physics Students - L.L. & M.S.
         Niles West High School   Skokie, IL
         Teacher - Richard De Coster

       Adult - (Pending Certification)

1st  -  Merle Hiltner      Farmington, MN

          Artists (Pending Certification)

1st - Michael Davis
        Original song: Spaced Out
3rd - Wolf Pack @ Cathedral High School
         Original song: Space is Great


    Astronomy Music Video Contest

Make a music video by synchronizing your images to the lyrics and tempo of  "Shoulders of Giants" or create your own song.  

                  Top Prize:  $500 and a Telescope


1.  Middle School - 8th and below
2.  High School - 9th and up  
3.  Graduate - 18 years and up
4.  Artist - create your own song and video


Contest Deadline:  Jan 7, 2010 
(400 years to the day that Galileo first viewed Jupiter's moons - Jan 7, 1610)


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  Listen to "Shoulders of Giants"
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